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Urban Entanglements was a solo exhibition in Berlin, Germany, which presented a series of new in-process works developed during a residency and research project titled, Ecologies of Perception.

This exhibition builds on ongoing research into the role of lens-based practices in an ecological crisis. Also on show is a collaborative work co-created during one of the public workshops held during the residency.  The works on show were a  product of a deeper exploration into plant-based and camera-less photography. The works and processes utilised were a recording of my position within Berlin’s multilayered urban landscape. Where previous works have focussed on engaging with wild ecologies on the outskirts of the built environment, this is the first time that the lens was shifted to the ecologies within the city. In addition to documenting plants, weeds and organic matter living within and through the structures of urban spaces, the works experiment with plant-based alternative photographic processes. The exhibition includes experiments with anthotypes, phytograms and lumen printing. These alternative processes use plants as both a resource and a point of inspiration.  This was the first time that I has used organic and urban matter as objects exposed directly onto photosensitive material.

“It’s been really interesting thinking about the limits of what you can work with within an urban environment when it comes to botanical matter whilst also recognising how we can engage with the ‘wildness’ of a city. Working within the constraints of the built environment allows you to consider the future of urban landscapes. As the city itself has a dystopic feel we can consider our impact on the world we co-exist within. We have to alter our everyday lives in order to consider this but also our process/practice as an artist in an era of ecological ruin.”

Ecologies of Perception is supported by Ilali studio and Creative Scotland.

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