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Wild Submissions uses naturally foraged and alternative homemade chemistry to create sustainable photographic silver gelatin prints. The project presents an alternative analogue process that embraces the temporal and shifting environment it is made within. Each edition is slightly different; varied tones and shades emerge as the photograph medium submits itself to the “imperfect” nature of the natural world and its’ temporal existence.

This series of sustainable silver gelatin prints attempts to adopt a practiced pattern of noticing that considers the multilayered and dependent web of our ecology and in turn prepares us for a future of making that embraces the precarious and possibly even the wild. This way of working, demands surrendering to a deeper understanding and acknowledgment of theories that consider entanglement and precarity.


To engage with a practice that is a little more “wild” is to submit ourselves to a force of nature; the complex mesh of the natural, the wild, the precarious and maybe even the intuitive. In doing so, these works consider a rich world of emerging futures and possibilities that sits beyond and outside of our current ecological crisis of now.

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